Happy Anniversary to Me!



Apparently today is my one-year work anniversary! Where has the time gone?
It was this time last year, that I had an image of what my perfect job would be. I knew my soul wasn’t being filled in the school setting, and finding out you have ADHD at age 36 is pretty life altering- so I left the school setting to blaze my own path.

I knew I wanted to work with struggling students. Students who lost confidence in the school setting and confidence in themselves. I was blessed with a parent who asked me to work with her son as a coach. He became the OG of Team Pasch Academic Coaching (well him and my original alpha). Together we created a partnership that allowed him to go from a 20% in English to a high B and then on to college with a 4.0. I then began to see other students achieve similar success, some at a rapid rate and others at their own pace.

It is truly an honor to be let into these students lives and watch them grow and find success. My hope is to help any struggling to take ownership of their education.  There are a million Alexander Hamiltons floundering in a world of Burrs. If we do not protect and honor these non-linear students- where will we find the innovators of tomorrow?

Happy one year anniversary to me- Let’s hope there are many more to come!

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