Free Coaching Session

Get your School Year in Check

Are you struggling to find the balance between school work and fun? Do you find that studying longer is not bringing you the grades you want? Has your home been turned into a homework war-zone?  Give me a call to schedule a “Stay on Point” strategy session.

In this hour long call we discuss:

Your vision of  a great school year

What holds you back

How you can beat that obstacle

Whether coaching is a good fit for you

Sounds great! How do I get started?

Please  fill out this form so I can learn more about your situation!I want to learn what frustrates and excites you about your life. Once the form is completed, we will schedule a time for our first session. I always like to meet the student first to make sure our personalities mesh!

Parents- in order to create a positive coach-student relationship do not sign your child up without first discussing coaching with them first. An academic coach is your child’s support system, not something they have to do. The first rule of Team Pasch is I only work with students who want to work with me.  I have included a link to a coaching form for them to complete. Feel free to complete the form as well to share your perspective.