Rebound the Semester!


Report cards are coming in, but are you happy with the results? It’s not to late to bounce back! I am offering my final package of the semester! Are you ready to finish the semester strong? This package includes:

  • (6)-50 minute coaching sessions
  • Access to weekly office hours
  • Personalized habit and grade chart
  • Access to recorded lecture on finals/midterm prep
  • (2) essay revisions
  • Unlimited text/email communication with student


What if the rest of the semester could be easier? Parents are currently saying, “Allowing Marni to check in with our son weekly; to provide feedback on his papers and his grades; to require that he check his performance on Powerschool; and to stay focused and organized largely has removed these tasks from his parents’ plate so we can stop yelling and start praising him more for his steady and remarkable academic accomplishments. Our family is so much happier this way.” Parent of 9th grade student

Remember, I work with students across the country so your location is not a limitation.

I have an MA in school counseling, extensive gifted course work, training as an ADHD coach for teens and college students, and working towards ICF accreditation. That’s just my experience on paper; I was once a struggling student, and I know the pain of floundering in school.


Next step? Send me a message to set up your child’s free 50 minute strategy session!