What Would an Awesome Year Look like?

Would you have more time to do things you enjoy? Would you stop stressing about your grades? Would your parents and teachers stop nagging you? Would you actually fall asleep before 1am and have your work done?

These are all things we can work on together! Between after school commitments, homework, family time, and friends, it can be stressful to cram everything in! Our meetings will help you change the things that are making school not fun.


In our sessions we work on:

Time Management

Test Anxiety

Effective Study Strategies



Goal Setting

Stress Reduction

Speaking with Adults to get your Needs Heard


Behind the scenes I work on:

Grade Monitoring

Teacher Contact

Personalized Habit Chart

Assignment Tracking

Text and Email Reminders

These services are offered in short term, 1/2 semester and full semester packages.  While short term packages may offer a temporary fix, students gain the most benefit from longer sessions.

 Schedule a free coaching session if you are ready to have your best school year ever!